Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pocket Symphony

I sold 2 necklaces last night, and the "real" sale isn't even until late June!! I love friends of friends. Now I will have to make a few more things to make up for what I've sold, plus replenish my supply. I go for months on end thinking that my hobby feels more like a chore and that no one cares that I do it anyway, and then within 2 weeks, I sell 6 necklaces.
Maybe all this bodes well for my sales.
Here are a few records I've been listening to lately.
You know.
In case you were wondering.
I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't love Air as much as I do.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Brief Update

This 3-day weekend is feeling pretty great after a crazy work week. Not bad - just crazy. My back pain seems to be completely gone, but I don't quite believe it yet. It's been happening off and on since February, so it's hard for me to trust.
I am slowly, slowly, slowly discovering that cable t.v. isn't always from Satan. I'm finding a few shows that don't involve spoiled, shallow, uneducated 24-year-olds talking about sex, or having it. Mythbusters (a show that I'm apparently the last person I know to find) is so awesomely nerdy - I love it. As I'm sure you know, it's stunt people performing science experiments for a whole hour on t.v.!!! People will watch science shows when promised explosions and "truths" revealed, I guess. I'm also succumbing to the allure of H&G TV and What Not to Wear. I could write entire books on What Not to Wear. But I won't. I love it, though. Much like Sex and the City a few years ago, I had a preconceived notion that What Not to Wear was going to be mean-spirited, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. About them both. And while I'm pretty sure that WNtW will not be the cultural phenomenon that SatC was (seriously, everything goes back to a SatC episode), it's just... diverting.
And speaking of great t.v., I'll leave you with one of my all-time favorite scenes from any show:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Trials of Van Occupanther

I'm probably about 6 months behind the times, but there is a record I can't get enough of: Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther. I have a deep and abiding love of America and other 70's bands of that ilk, and this record reminds me so much of that (seriously, if you've gone for hours with "Horse With No Name" stuck in your head, and it didn't bother you, this record is for you). I haven't even started listening to the other stuff I downloaded from eMusic this month because of this album. It's warm and understanding and full of longing. His voice sounds VERY similar to Rufus Wainright's, but he uses it differently. Midlake is more reigned in.

Life marches on. I'm reading, madly making jewelry for a sale next month, listening to great tunes... I can't complain. The Art Stroll this past week was wonderful. Perfect weather, nice people around the square, 2 beers on the Humphrey's patio with ex-coworkers (we shared stories from what may be our 'Nam and talked about "life on the outside"). It was also fantastic to stroll around casually without being stuck behind a table selling things, as I probably will be in June. I'm hoping to make enough to get a Bose Sound Dock. We'll see.

I'm going to read in bed for a while before officially waving good-bye to my weekend. I'll have to say, though, it's really nice not dreading Monday. After 6 months, I'm still not completely used to that.

This One is Kind of Dark...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

To Relieve This Flipper Ache...

Saturday, May 05, 2007


My boss would be so proud of me.
Why, you ask? For putting in that extra time at work this week? For helping out with extra projects around the office when my help is needed?
No. Absolutely not.
My boss, the person I know with more shoes than any 4 women could wear in a lifetime, would be proud of me because I got THREE PAIRS OF OMG UBER-CUTE SHOES today!
But Absinthe, you wisely protest, I thought I read not a week ago that you're trying to save money and pay bills.
You'd be right. But these shoes were CHEAP and I really needed dressy shoes. Seriously...I did. Even as we speak, my brain is organizing whole new outfits around these shoes. Every now and then I get a blinding, brilliant vision of a new skirt/top combination with my red (RED) open-toe heels. Does the thought of whole new outfits in your wardrobe ever make you breathe a little heavier and your heart skip a beat?
Um...me neither.
Oh, and did you hear? Herpes Hilton is going to the slam!!! I could gloat, or maybe laugh. But I won't. The Fug Girls did it way better and more effectively than I ever could, so check it.
Let's see...what else? Bjork's Volta drops this Tuesday. And apparently I am the last person on earth who wants it to actually get it. I suppose I'll have to make a trek to Best Buy or click "Add to Cart" on Amazon along with the rest of the common rabble in order to obtain a copy. I'm ok with this - I'm not proud when it comes to Bjork. Check out her suit on the cover. I've come to the conclusion that Bjork does, indeed, inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. Just a slightly different dimension. A dimension in which teeny tiny ladies can totally go apeshit on reporters, wear dresses that cover entire Olympic stadiums, and play in the sweetest Icelandic band of all time - I don't care what Sigur Ros fans say.