Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Before I Collapse Into Bed...

All the time.
It will not die.
At least not without drugs that are a little too strong for around-the-clock-use.
My books, my knitting, Netflix and new music have kept me sane for the past 3 weeks. In that 3 week time, I haven't left my house for anything other than work, a visit with my family or a quiet dinner out. I can't lie, though - they have been nice dinners.
Everyone has been so sweet to me and so patient with me since my surgery - my friends are the best. They are more than the best - they are special. The world is teaming with people who aren't special at all. People who have no interest in others, people who live their lives with the philosophy of "what can you give me for free?", people who are not kind, people who don't get it. Do you understand what I mean by "get it?" Those people who truly get it know that nothing is better in this lifetime of ours than a great book, a big laugh, the perfect pair of shoes or a dinner with 2 or more OTHER people who get it.
If you know people who get it, do not treat them carelessly. They are incredibly hard to find.


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