Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Under the moonlight...the serious moonlight

The job search continues, and I actually have a few more prospects than when I last wrote. It's official, by the way - as of Sept. 22, I will be free of this bullshit, ridiculous company and all the douchebags (see many, many previous entries) contained therein. My only regret is that it wasn't me telling them goodbye, but maybe being layed off is the sharp, swift kick in the ass I needed to point myself in the right direction.
At least I have fun shows to look forward to! M. Ward is next week at the Belcourt in Nashville, and I've been wanting to see this guy for about a year now. My fantastic friend/neighbor let me burn a copy of his newest CD, but I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it yet. I'm saving it for a time when I have a full hour (or 40 min., or however long they make CD's now) to devote to it. Also, like another fantastic friend, Amy (who's also going to the show - YEAH!), I've kind of burned myself out on his CD's, at least for a little while.
Later next week is Ladytron in Atlanta. Good Lord, I love this band. It's fun, sleazy, synth-soaked pop with a sometimes melancholy, sometimes biting edge. My all-time favorite Ladytron song is "Seventeen," in which a female voice slyly half-whispers, "They only want you when you're seventeen - when you're twenty-one, you're no fun..." repeatedly. I don't think any true child of the 80's can resist amazing synth-pop, and I'm certainly no exception.
Happy hump-day ai'body...

Friday, September 08, 2006

(insert clever blog entry title here)

Last night, I had a long entry all written out. And let me tell you, it was wise. With the proper study and meditation, its contents might have shown you the face of God. But now it's gone. I tried to publish it, and the computer did something bad. It was one of those slow-motion, raising your arms to the heavens and groaning, "NOOOOOOO" moments.
So...long story short: New York was amazing, and the job situation sucks - sucks meaning: I may not have one soon. And regardless of whether or not I have it, I hate it. It's hard not to be a little glum when you're racing against time to find a new job, but I'm maintaining, I guess. Leaving here will be as much of a relief as it is scary.
There are many things about which I could wax philosophic, such as the death of the Crocodile Hunter, or a recent article that appeared on warning men not to marry career women (seriously), but I won't. At the moment, I lack the time and the inclination. If and when unemployment hits, though, the blogging world should probably take cover.
Over and out.