Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Short, Short List

My current diversions:

If dance clubs were still any good, they'd play this shit all night long. It's sleazy and fun and sublime. It's like listening to the Dr. Who theme, remade by Peaches, produced by Giorgio Morodor.

Great, great short stories, picked by Dave Eggers (whose writing I'm not such a fan of, but his company McSweeney's is brilliant). I love my book clubs, but I'm taking August to just do some reading of my own. Expect more book reviews in the near future...

A guilty pleasure if there ever was one. I've been watching this for a cpl of weeks now after downloading the pilot for free on iTunes. I am still in shock that it's on ABC Family - it's got lots of underage drinking and sex. Not a bad portrayal of the Greek system at large state universities. There are, of course, stereotypes, but the main characters really challenge you to pigeonhole them into categories. I'll watch it until it gets sucky (most non-HBO cable shows tend to start sucking right around Season 3).

And...that is all.


Blogger Trouble said...


You don't just go around throwing the name Giorgio Moroder into your blog posts, thinking I won't notice.

3:45 PM

Blogger Absinthe said...

I would never take Giorgio's name in vain.

3:56 PM


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